Monday, December 14, 2009

the drunkard's path

                      A meander down memory
lane and those old haunts
                     caught on my hem, scraps
that I find in my stash when I
                      least expect them, some hard
as the stones that fell, others
                      too gaseous for me to catch

or reach a ring of gold.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

let go

The world pushes at our button--reactions demanded on cue, but if you resist for a moment or laugh at it in time, it holds off for a moment and it's possible to see what had remained obscure.  Tying the knots within so that all that's seen stays smooth and true to form.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

today exist without "I' but only eyes, and watch the unfolding.  a quilt of leaves, orange, red, brown, washed in our endless rains.  through the branches of a few old cedars, eagles falsetto the abrupt nature of progression.  purple chards and cabbages grow my winter garden-the unkempt season of autumn.

Loose threads

I awake today with the strength of my life before me, who I am, what I accomplish each moment revisits another day, another life and addresses it, the plateaus of being that carry us.  Better to be a willing witness to it,  to watch the show unfold.  The willing of self to slow down, not rush into the fray with everything ablaze, but only give gentle release, and the bending, flexible self, beyond asana, beyond body, within the universal being.  Holding onto my yoga practice engages and enables me to embrace my position despite any adversary and know when to unpick it all and start over again.  The simple position of back and breath are enough to remind us where we are and who we are within a particular moment-to move the subtle body, bandhas held, relaxed awareness--carry it with you as often as possible especially when confronted with the endless possibility of fulfillment of desire-so many, too many choices and only a few precious seconds of relief.