Monday, August 16, 2010

Sad Stitches for Belle

     My summer reverberates with the loss of my beloved grandmother, who through her strong and idiosyncratic beliefs, taught us all about health, manners, gestures, elegance, kindness and strength of will. As a family, we have lost our lodestone and our cornerstone and feel bereft of her presence and I have lost my greatest mentor, friend and champion.

I have spent many hours piecing together my quilt tops and finishing them off as best I could in my temporary set-up in the mountains.


 Here, I grow my beds of vegetable and herbs for the winter, watch lazuli buntings if I'm lucky enough, frighten off the coyotes and bears that occupy the woods around us.  Gluey with life, the air nourished my soul, mind and body and opens me to the purest pleasures.

Les Fraises Parfait.

one patch of wild french strawberries
two nearly clean fingers
one greedy mouth.
divine and glorious.