Wednesday, September 1, 2010

crisp finishes

I already feel the signifiers of autumn, the shifts of colours and the coolness of the dawn-and soon we are all back at school.  I have followed my dream and enter into a fantastic textile arts program this fall so I suspect that I will have little time for my little blog although hopefully many new art projects and the creation of my own fabrics for my quilts.  We have slowly begun de-cluttering the house of all the detritus that accumulates from a year of bills, school, and information overload.

I completed my tribute to my grandmother and I believe that it's rather wonderful if I say so myself.  I even worked silk with machine quilting and I love the result. I would love to know what you think and hope that it inspires others to make their own memorial quilts during times of sadness as I found that it really helped me focus and understand my grief and my grieving process.

 I also made this pillow which was to become a gift, but I couldn't part with it and now have it on my bed scenting my pillows with the dried rose buds, lavender and rose geranium that I stuffed inside a muslin pillow with all my oh-too-small scraps.  I love not wasting a scrap, not even a silk thread.

I would love to hear from others who love
crazy quilting and see what they have done with their pieces. This one is called "Do unto others" as I embroidered the aphorism (my personal favorite) on the black velvet.
Many blessings for the next week.